Recent articles in their original format - as submitted:

Truax Ore Car Tags — Hal Post & Steve Rush

•A New C. Cleaves Candlestick — Bill Collins

•Fancy Candle Stick - Globe, AZ — Bill Collins

•D cell Batteries in Mining — Dave Thorpe

•Thomas Cox Candlesticks — Al Winters

C. Cleaves Restoration — Bill Collins

New Austin Cap Tin — Douglas K. Miller

Full Moon Acetylene Lamp — Douglas K. Miller

•Presentation Ingot — Bill Collins

•20th Century Lamps — Hal Post  & Tony Moon

• Foster Squib Box — Hal Post

Folding Gimbaled Candlesticks — Al Winters

Canadian Candlestick Patents  — Hal Post & Tony 

•Quirin Lamp Factory — Hal Post

Arizona Candlestick — Al Winters

The Prince Crimper — Douglas Miller

Van Buskirk Blacksmith — Wendell Wilson

The Boyle Candlesticks — Wendell Wilson

Dupont Blasting Cap Containers — Douglas Miller

History of the Maumee Duplex Carbide Cap Lamp — Paul Damon

American Glass Mine Insulators — Wendell Wilson

Mysteriouse "No-name" Blasting CapTins — Douglas Miller

Early Illinois Blasting Cap Tins — Douglas Miller

Early Western Blasting Cap Tins — Douglas Miller

Gold and Silver Ingots — Wendell Wilson

Union Cap and Fuse Co. Tins — Douglas MIller

Bulldog Silver Mine — Al Winters

Frederic Baldwin's Scranton Adventures — Dave Thorpe

Hercules Powder Company — Douglas Miller

Justrite Parts-bin Lamps of the 1920s — Dave Thorpe

H. F. Brown — Dustin Schillinger

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